Pre-authorized payment services. Lower costs and increase productivity
  • Accept pre-authorized debit payments today! EFT TRANSIT delivers payment processing strategies designed to increase revenue, limit risk and reduce loss in today's high-tech environment.
  • EFT TRANSIT Secured recurring billing payment softwareEFT TRANSIT™ from Management-Ware Solutions makes online payment processing robust, automatic, efficient and secure.
  • Get paid 2X-3X faster with EFT pre-authorized payment processing platform Easy online billing software that gets you paid on time, every time. Save hours every day and improve customer experience with automated billing software.We allow your customers to pay with their bank accounts
Online payment processing FOR ALL1 Accept direct debit payments today! 2 Secured payment processing software companies and electronic funds transfer3 Get paid 2X-3X faster with payment processing platform. 4
direct debit payment Processing

EFT Payment Processing Platform

Our Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payment software allows you to process account receivables and account payables of all types in Canada and USA. It's built with robust technology and a scalable architecture that has the ability to handle every aspect of the transaction lifecycle.
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eft debit

Pre-authorized debit solutions for all organisations types and size!

Our pre-authorized debit solution offers 24-hour a day secure integrated access to the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network and the Electronic Funds Transfee network. No matter what line of business you're in, we can help you streamline your electronic payment processing needs, saving you time and money.

Save money and cut payment transaction Costs

Save money with pre-authorized payment processing service

We will help you cut payment transaction costs and brings low-cost pre-authorized payment processing to your business. You're losing money every time you process a credit card transaction. Chances are good that 99.999% of your customers have a checking account. When you collect funds directly from their checking account using our electronic funds transfer payment processing solutions, you'll be saving 50-75% over the cost of credit card payments.

Use electronic payment technologies to manage recurring payments

Use electronic funds transfer payment technologies to manage recurring payments

Set recurring payments with our direct debit payment processing system to transfer funds directly from your customers bank account. Make it easy for customers to automate their payments. Get paid on time, every time. Our pre-authorized direct debit Payment processing solutions provide fast, reliable debit transactions.

Safely & Securely - Boost customer loyalty with automatic payment software

Safely & Securely - Boost customer loyalty with pre-authorized debit payment

Limit your risk, improve customer service, and maximize quality customer acquisition today with electronic funds transfer. Unlock new opportunities, increase revenue and boost customer loyalty with all-in-one pre-authorized payment portals, merchant services, automated receivables and more.

EFT transit software technical support

EFT payment system technical support 24/7

Our EFT Payment support department accepts your requests by email or telephone from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm. For emergencies, our dedicated team is available 24/7 to help you with any issues or queries. Don't hesitate to contact us if needed.

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How EFT Payment Processing Work?

With EFT TRANSIT™ you simply enter customer's payment information into our online web form application, press a button and the information is processed via the EFT Network automatically or on demand if you turn off the automatic feature. Transactions are deducted from your customer's account and deposited into your account.

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